System Control

Magicmedia D3 system specification



  • HDMI Input : Support any HDMI signal device.  Input Source can be a Set-Top BOX, Cable TV, 2D or 3D Blue-Ray DVD, Gaming System including PS4/PS3/X-BOX/PC GAME and others, and even Cell Phone via HDMI signal
  • HDMI Output : Support any 2D monitor and 2D projector which has HDMI port
  • AC_IN : 110V/220V 1A

Remote Control


  • 3D: Switch 2D or 2D to 3D mode. (If HDMI input signal is 3D, this button then serve no function i.e. 3D bypass mode)
  • HD/FHD: Quickly switch output resolution to HD or FHD.  This system also support auto detection from the source device and can automatically switch to the best resolution.  You can also manually switch back to any desire resolution 
  • Left/Right arrow: Adjustment of 3D image in regard to depth of field. (Right is outward with 3 steps / Left is inward with 3 steps of adjustment)
  • Sound: Mute
  • Glass: This button must be pressed to synchronize the 3D image view from your glass with source device

Glass Focus

         Step-1 :  Push 3D button. Make sure to be in 3D Mode

         Step-2:   Press either Right or Left arrow the an On Screen Display (OSD) menu pop up.  Use Right or Left arrow to adjust the depth of field.  Suggest set to weak at all time.

         Step-3 :  Press Glass button and another OSD table pop up for the glass

         Step-4 :  Press Right or Left arrow to set LV and SLV.  A final picture looking like below should be achieved until OK button is pressed.  Some double image and shadow underneath should be acceptable.  

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