After 4 years of research and development, Mr. Hsu (Kirk) and his team finally realized a prototype of the current Edison 3D Package and first-released to the public in 2015 at ICT Month Innovation Elite Golden Awards.

Amongst the vast competition from 1200 different projects of technological advancement and innovation, the Edison 3D Console & 3D Active Shutter Glasses were given the “Golden Award with Distinct Recognition” amongst the others in the first 9 places.

The answer to this question gradually revealed itself in the next 4 years. Mr. Hsu (Kirk) began to implement the idea of using only (1) 3D Generating Plug-n-Play console and (2) a pair of Active Shutter Glasses to achieve FULL HD 3D (1080P / 60Hz) Pure Visual Enjoyment on all existing 2D TV / Monitor / Project. The goal is to invent and develop an inexpensive solution without swapping out your beloved 2D TV or Monitor at home or work nor changing a 3D media player. Ultimately, the end-user can keep his/her original TV set / Monitor and enjoy 3D effect with Edison 3D Console and 3D Active Shutter Glasses.

During the ICT Innovation Award Seminar, Mr. Hsu met many people who are extremely excited about his ideas and invention. Huge crowds including Movie lovers, Gamers and people who are simply inspired by 3D Moving Images came over to Mr. Hsu’s booth and asked when and where this Edison 3D console + 3D glasses are available for immediate acquisition. Mr. Hsu quickly realized the tremendous demand of such affordable technological advancement at consumer level. In September of 2015, with the help of Foxconn TF-Entrepreneur Accelerator (Long-standing OEM of Apple Computer), Edison 3D Console & 3D Active Shutter Glasses were born.

2D to 3D efficacy and quality

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​​​​​​​​In other words, our brain is unable to process such immediate or fast-moving video signal as it cannot form a proper image nor create meaning in such short period of time. This incapability is limited to our brain processing capacity as the given visual info appears and disappears too quickly.

By taking the fact that our brain requires more than 1/24th of a second to process any visual stimuli and  to form meaning at immediate sensory level by concentrating particularly on visual stimuli, Differentiating Timing Frequencies of the LEFT and RIGHT flickering imagesfurther perplexes our brain to interpret 3D Moving Images or 3D Videos. In other words, 3D effect of 2D moving image source can be attained through the manipulation of video input signal through the Edison 3D Converter and its accompanying 3D Active Shutter glasses.

In fact, our “Brain” is unable to process nor register any familiar or useful information of any sudden images or moving pictures that flickers as fast as 1/24th of a second. Our brain requires more time to aware, perceive and determine the type and origin of such visual content so that we can interpret the visual information coming from our eyes.

Little did they know, the source of the movie (DVD / Bluray) has to be digitally processed in 3D, the TV and Media Player has to be 3D enabled. These hefty costs drove them back to square one and asked – “What if we are able to develop just a 3D Generating Plug-n-Play console with a pair of Active Shutter Glasses without the expensive 3D TV and 3D Player with 3D Recorded Media?”


As the subject implies, what you’re reading here purposefully encourages individuals like yourself to help funding this project for the sake of realizing such a technological advancement to be obtainable at consumer level. The proposed project package (product) is simple – it turns your ordinary TV that you watch on a daily basis, let it be an LCD display to produce 3D video. Yes, it’s that easy.

 Simply plug-in an HDMI cable to your existing TV and connect the other end of HDMI to the palm-size console (Edison 3D). Turn-On the Edison 3D console via the provided remote controller and start watching any TV Programmes, DVD Movies, Blu-ray Movies and play Games immediately at the comfort of your home or
desktop. Yes, you’ll need to wear the Edison patented 3D Shutter-Enabled Glasses as included in the package.


Enjoy high-definition 3D video from your existing 2D TV at the

comfort of your own home with “Edison 3D (2D to 3D

Converter) and 3D Active Shutter Glasses.”
Ching-Yun Tech Co., Ltd. founded by Kirk Hsu in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Mr. Hsu, an Electrical Engineer and a genius in 3D video processing developed a New Digital 3D Microprocessor chip and Active Shutter Technology that process and convert 2D signal to 3D videos.

Behind the Invention of Active 3D Engine

Mr. Hsu (Kirk) started off this idea when he was still an electrical engineer in his early career. Only in 2009, Kirk and his colleagues realizes the immense impact of 3D technology particularly in the field of Home Entertainment as they had enjoyed the tremendous 3D visual effect watching the movie – Avatar in IMAX theatre. They began their search for the ultimate 3D solution for their home entertainment system. 


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General Features of Edison 3D

We all know that to watch 3D Videos, the film itself has to be shot in 3D via a 3D Camera with Dual or Quad Lenses including special computer-driven lighting systems for 3D shooting. Furthermore, the conversion of 2D to 3D video signal is extremely expensive and time consuming at any levels.

•      At the production level, the management has to ascertain whether a particular movie has the potential to draw the majority of viewers to watch it on 3D screen then decide to film it with expensive 3D equipment  with the help of a team of highly qualified 3D crew.

•     At the theater level, facilities for the playback of 3D films and polarized 3D glasses have to invested and acquired in order to provide viewers with 3D effects at Full HD.

•     At the home entertainment level, end-users probably has to take out a loan for a 3D TV, 3D Bluray Player and Movies in 3D (which is not produced in every Movie Title.) What about TV Programmes & Games?

To eliminate the need of hefty spending on 3D playback at “Home Entertainment Level,” Edison 3D enable the playback of any digital content via HDMI. Let it be DVD/Bluray, TV Programmes from TV Top-Set or Games via Any Gaming Consoles / PC, all can be converted instantly into 3D videos at your finger tip while you still keep your existing home entertainment system without any major upgrades.

​​​​​​​Behind the Technology of Edison 3D

For an ordinary 2D TV to generate 3D video at Full HD Quality Video1080P / 60Hz, a reverse engineering of the existing 3D technology must be developed and implemented through the usage of a Video Signal Converter and 3D Glasses.

To fully understand how human brains react to visible light emitted from a TV Screen, it is imperative to learn from the biological aspects of human visual capability as well as visual perception.

        EDISON 3D